PRINCE2 2017 Update

As you are reading this, I imagine you know by now that a new version of PRINCE2 is coming out later this year. AXELOS, who part own the rights to PRINCE2 along with the Cabinet Office, are poised to resolve some of the accusations commonly levelled at PRINCE2 which include:

  • Perceived rigidity and inflexibility

  • Adding unnecessary levels of bureaucracy to already complex situations

  • Its focus on projects ‘in a bubble’, without considering the environment surrounding a project and how it can influence the way a project is run

  • The disparity between what PRINCE2 says you should do and what is feasibly possible in the real world

Granted that some of these accusations are genuine misconceptions – for example a key message of PRINCE2 is that you are meant to tailor it so it does not feel rigidly applied regardless of the circumstances. However, they are not without foundation. And this is a source of frustration to me and my colleagues, as a working knowledge of PRINCE2 is a genuinely useful thing for anyone involved in projects, but its current syllabus does not work as well as it could to naturally showcase its usefulness.

Thankfully, AXELOS have been listening to bugbears of users and training companies alike, and have sought to address such issues through the latest update. I can tell you, having seen the latest draft of the new syllabus, that the new PRINCE2 will add significantly greater emphasis and advice on:

  • How to tailor PRINCE2 based on your circumstances

  • What the minimum requirements for a PRINCE2 project are, and which aspects are optional

  • How the surrounding environment affects PRINCE2 and how this can influence the way you use it

  • As well as more detail around tips, tools and techniques you could use, with examples of real-life PRINCE2 implementations

All of which will result in trainers being able to spend more time talking about how you could go about implementing PRINCE2 effectively within your organisation, without compromising your ability to gain the qualifications.

Sounds good, right? AXELOS are still on target to meet their deadlines for delivery, which means by the middle of this year we should be able to start offering the new course. In the meantime, we promise to keep you updated with any news, so please watch this space, and feel free to register your interest here.

So, if you'd like to get in touch to discuss PRINCE2 or any other project-related matters, contact us on 0800 612 5951 and we'll see what solution works best. Or complete our contact form.

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