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Move Your Career To The Next Level

Coaching & Mentoring

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Our Coaching & Mentoring sessions are specifically designed to provide you with practical, 'how to' skills to effectively enhance your confidence in your journey towards a rewarding career through masterclasses on:

  • Career Development

  • Interview Tips & Preparation

  • PMO Functions

  • Business Analysis

  • Requirements Gathering

  • Process Mapping and Analysis

  • Systems Design

  • Data Analytics, etc.


  • Tap into our expertise and know how to develop your skills with hands-on Specialists experience for your career progression.

  • Gain proven, practical techniques, and templates at your fingertips to ‘hit the ground’ running on your next job.

  • Benefit from our tailor-made learning programmes designed to provide you with a clear plan of action and practical solutions.

  • Accelerate your career through coaching & mentoring to nurture and develop the specific competencies required to build and maintain an exceptional chosen career.

  • Translate theory into reality with industry case studies and an understanding of how to successfully fine tune and apply this to a live project.

Click HERE to join our coaching & mentoring masterclass or for further information, contact our consultants for an initial consultation.

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Interview Prep

Technical Interview

 Technical interviews are just that: interviews that test your technical knowledge. Hence these are closely related to the role you have applied for. Since the amount of technical knowledge is limitless, it’s simply not possible to prepare for every question that can be asked in the interview.

We help you to develop a thought process that will assist you in answering any question that you are asked. Of course, we help you to acquire the technical knowledge by pointing you to the right books, articles, etc. but we also develop your cognitive thinking and applying it to real-life situations.

Career Guidance

Career Guidance

A career is a marathon and not a sprint.  Finding a job that matches your talents and interests is the most important step in embarking on a successful career path.  Therefore, investing in a session of Career Counselling with us is valuable. We arrange a one-to-one session to explain and clarify available career opportunities with focus on skills required for specific roles.

In the session, we also try to understand you more as a person, your personality is properly scanned and analysed and based on that, we advise you what roles would suit you better. We highly encourage you to ask whatever questions you have without any hesitation.

Curriculum Vitae

CV Review

It is important that you present yourself in the best possible manner in a CV. Here at Business Derivatives, we understand what it takes to make your CV stand-out to the recruiter.  Our CV construction process is structured as we sit with you and explain the basic principles of how to sell yourself. We support you build a ‘new’ professional CV which will reflect you as an individual and highlight your unique qualities and achievements.

However confident you may feel about your CV, there are always ways in which we can help you improve it. So why not try our CV services – send us your current CV and we shall get back to you with a summary report and associated charges.

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