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Our individual and corporate clients consider us not just consultants, but trusted partners in their quest for continuous transformation and acceleration. We attribute our successful consulting services to the customised approach we take for each individual and project. Pre-planning, interviews with stakeholders, and careful analysis helps us identify the root cause of the problem as we provide actionable, practical solutions.


Excellence has always been our standard, with each team member exhibiting a high level of ethics, integrity and professionalism. We are driven and passionate about helping our clients develop a positive corporate culture.  Our collaborative spirit inspires us to deliver innovative solutions, accurate, on time, and actionable – every time. 

Enhancing Business Agility

Our training, coaching and consultancy services help our clients adopt Lean and Agile thinking across the whole business.

Our services include supporting single or multiple teams with Scrum or Kanban, running bespoke workshops and helping organisations with their transformation programmes.


One-to-One Sessions

We offer informal one-to-one sessions, either online or face-to-face (depending on location). These are a great option for those with a particular question or who are seeking advice in the Lean-Agile space. 

We Can Help

Need help with your implementation of Scrum or Kanban? Looking for inspiration with the development of your product? Interested in cross cultural training? Would you like to use LEGO® Serious Play® techniques to facilitate a session? Do you want to talk to a Lean-Agile expert?


We can help!

Team Meeting
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We offer a choice of tailored private programs as well as regularly scheduled training virtually or in-person. We have a large catalogue covering Technology, Service Management, Project Management, Professional Development and Digital marketing.

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IT Consulting

We manage entire projects, design and deliver global migrations programs. We deal with all the technical nitty-gritty that falls outside your core business focus – all with a 24/7 support network.

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Resource Placement

We take a different approach to resourcing by helping you to manage your career even during placement in a contract role. And with the backing of several experts at our partners, you’ll always feel part of a larger team.

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Have a project but not sure how to proceed? Should you move all your applications to the cloud? What about Big Data? We can help you answer these questions and more. We are technology/software independent and work solely as your advocates.

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